The project is designed at the intersection of art, culture, entrepreneurship and economy. Creatively, with a powerful personal stamp and quite uniquely, it encompasses a variety of cultural content and emphasizes the primacy of artistic creation – in this case of sculpting and design, which are its starting point. It develops innovative ideas, links creativity to the market, and encourages the development of new concepts. The collaboration between X-OP Association for Contemporary Art and the creative author enables the transfer of original ideas into the cycle of economy, with cultural and artistic content on one hand, individual entrepreneurship, companies and corporations on the other, and finally, customers. From the outset, this project is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills in the creative and cultural sectors throughout the entire process.

The combination of innovation and creativity relates the creative author to the end user through an intermediate link, a high-end restaurant. Sensory Plates open up our perceptions like a gateway to social progress and prosperity in one of the most delicate and delicious areas of our life, which is, above all, indispensable to our survival: food. The project is concerned with nutrition habits and our attitudes towards everything we bring into our bodies, including what and how this makes us feel. Objects with or from which we eat are certainly an important part of the nutrition process; in terms of health, Sensory Plates are in tune with the green economy, since ceramics and porcelain are made from natural materials such as clay, stone, leaves, etc.

Sculptural and tactile plates involve an artistic concept, design, production and use of plates through different senses.

Sculptor Bojana Križanec has designed her series of sculptural plates called Clouds based on her delicate, round-shaped stone sculptures, which are reminiscent of clouds. There are several different sizes of plates available for presentation and serving, including those for smaller, bite-sized snacks in a multiple course menu, which are perfect for restaurants that try to appeal not only to the guest's sense of taste, but also to their sense of touch.

Leaf is a series of tactile plates made with molds using different leaf impressions. It is an innovation in the way we taste food: our attention is divided between the visual "admiration" of the relief plate composition, touching the plate, and the appearance and tasting of the dishes.

The Touch series is characterized by an ergonomic design that is not plate-like but still serviceable. The shapes tempt us to use them without cutlery, using only our hands or mouth.

Bojana Križanec - sculpture, project implementation
Peter Tomaž Dobrila - project coordinator
Cameron Bruce Bobro - project implementation, technical support and assistance in production

Mentor: Nejc Matjaž

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

CzK – Center for creativity

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