Other words (2015-2019) is a partnership project of organizations from European regions, which aims to establish a network of creative environments for writers, poets, musicians, screenwriters, aphorists and all other artists who use language as their means of expression and create in 'minor' languages.


Literary residences
Each year, the participating region will send two writers for an eight-week residency in two partner regions, while also hosting two writers from the partner regions in return. Each year, a total of ten writers will participate in the project.

Literary creation projects
During the set-up, the writers will focus on themes and social groups related to rarely used languages and will keep in touch with the host community all the time and illuminate the creative process by organizing public events.

All texts created during the residencies will be translated into the languages of all partner regions and English. This will enable us to share "other words" and "words of others."

A website to serve as a platform for disseminating project content will be set up. All literary works created within the residencies and other activities will be published. The creative process will also be described, public events, and other activities related to the project will be presented.

Project goals:
- to help literature written in minor languages to become more recognizable,
- to emphasize the importance of linguistic diversity,
- to highlight the process of literary creation,
- to draw attention to lesser-known social topics and groups related to minor languages,
- to promote cooperation between actors (writers, artists) in the field of minor language literature.



Coordinator: Donostia Kultura and DSS2016 (Basque Country)

Foras na Gaeilge (Ireland)
X-OP Society for Contemporary Art (Slovenia)
Forum na mladi / Youth Forum - Bitola (Macedonia)
Leeuwarde / Ljouwert 2018 (Friesland)

More about partners:

Literary creators:

OTHER WORDS: Literary cycle break-fast

In 2016, the X-OP Society for Contemporary Art started with the literary cycle Literary break-fast, in which it included Slovenian writers and poets and enriched them with a few foreign tours. As we work with organizations in various countries and promote "minor languages," we invited the young and award-winning Basque poet and writer Ekaitz Goienetxe and the famous Irish poet Cathal Póirtéir, who participated in various events in Maribor and elsewhere in Slovenia. At the beginning of the year, we organized a complex event entitled Balade nasilja / Ballads of Violence 2.0, performed by Tibor Hrs Pandur, Aphra Tesla, Jan Krmelj, and Gašper Torkar. At the end of the year, we also hosted Tomislav Vrečar with poetic, performative, and a multimedia event.

The literary cycle break-fast 2017 presented an exceptional range of literary authors to the Slovenian and international public as part of the Other Words project. This year's guests were: Mojca Kumerdej, Nataša Švikart, Kaja Teržan, Gregor Lozar, and Veronika Dintinjana.

The break-fast 2018 literary cycle brought together award-winning and internationally recognized writers, as well as artists from other fields of creation while connecting various publishers and producers. Given that there is never enough literature, we have unmistakably noticed the uniqueness of this young multidisciplinary collective, which brings a fresh breeze to the Slovenian literary scene and waves to Europe for awards for the best literary products.
This year's guests of the Other Words / Literary cycle break-fast were Anja Golob, Bojan Sedmak, Rok Vilčnik, Petra Kolmančič, Tomo Podstenšek, Danica Križanič Müller and Marija Jovčevska (MK).

The 'now-collision' 2019 literary cycle included Slovenian authors, co-organizations, and guest appearances. We presented some of the writers for the first time as part of the Other Words / Literary Now-Collision project, while also reuniting with some of the most prolific artists, whose careers we have been closely monitoring and supporting for some time and including them in the Other Words program. This year we were delighted to listen to their debates with again and to delve into their literary worlds. This year, we hosted Boštjan Narat, Cvetko Bevc, General Mahnič, Kristina Kočan, Evo Kočan, Sergej Harlamov and Glaser's Days among established literary creators.

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