Music cycle TOMORROW x KIBLIX 2022:


22. 12. 2022

We kindly invite you to a concert by the trio KAČIS (Tea Vidmar, Ana Kravanja, Samo Kutin), whose music blends folk origins and sonic primordiality with fresh musical sources. The concert will take place on Thursday, 22 December 2022, at 8 p.m. at KIBLA PORTAL as part of the Music Cycle TOMORROW and festival KIBLIX 2022.


The KAČIS trio consists of Tea Vidmar (voice, accordions, acoustics), Ana Kravanja (voice, acoustics, percussion) and Samo Kutin (voice, single-string bass, lute, brač, acoustic resonators, percussion). Their musical creativity intersects in the exploration of folk brass bands and some variations of improvised sound creation, and they are also interested in the interplay of the musical genres they work with and in which they also differ.

In addition to non-idiomatic improvisation, Samo and Ana are engaged in composing imaginary folk music and exploring the sonorities of materials, sounds and instruments, while Ana and Tea have been working together as a duo for several years focusing on repetitive rhythmic singing, consisting of simple voices, syllables, inhalations and exhalations, which remind us of some of the world's ancient folk music traditions. The interplay of their voices, at times very similar, can give the listener a sense of the presence of a »third voice«.

One could say that the trio's main interest lies in the transitions from the contemporary sonority of free improvisation to the archaic nature of melodies, voices and sounds of indeterminable origin. The trio began its creative process in December 2020 at the nine-day Dvocikel residency at Layer's house in Kranj, where the drafts of nine compositions were created. KAČIS released their debut album Unfathomed on 15 September 2021.

KAČIS’ music is a completely self-contained, stylistically homogeneous expression, embedded in a wide field of folk and ethno sounds and sonic tantricity. The band creates a kind of imaginary folk tradition and gives birth to new folk music. It is an interweavement of contemporary sonorities with archaic rhythms, sounds and melodies. It blurs the boundaries of genre origins between structure and improvisation, and between singing, sound and breath. This is the magic of KAČIS. One could say that KAČIS have succeeded in ideally fusing the sonic exploration of Širom and the duet of Teja and Ana. There is something peaceful and profound in their music. It is impossible to define their ethno expression in terms of its origin, because they invent their own.

< Photo: Maša Pirc


Produced by X-OP Contemporary Art Association.
Co-organised by ACE KIBLA and CODE BLUE Association.
Supported by the Municipality of Maribor and the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia.

  • KIBLA PORTAL, Valvasorjeva 40, Maribor
  • Janez Klenovšek

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