Music cycle TOMORROW:

Lado Jakša

02. 10. 2020

We invite you to the Multimedia Centre KIBLA, Ulica kneza Koclja 9, Maribor. Lado Jakša will perform a concert of original music and a multi-vision projection of artistic photography. The event will take place on Friday, October 2, 2020, starting from 8 p.m.

Lado Jakša: keyboards, wind instruments, photography and multi-vision

The project "I SHALL BE UNKNOWN TO EVERYONE" is a simultaneous concert performance of Lado Jakša's original jazz music with a projected "artistic score," a modern photomultivision of the ambiances of Kosovel's poetics, which offers a multi-layered aesthetic experience of inventive jazz and ambient music, poets' inspiring and current verses and artistic photography. Along with the binding dramaturgy of the message, which flows "through" the photographic fine-art narrative – with projected, so far unpublished excerpts from Srečko Kosovel's poetry – sounds the author's music, that expressively defiantly follows and upgrades both media.

Lada Jakša's photography unfolds on the magical edge of sharpness and blur, closeness and depth, exceptional views and perspectives, from black and white, through monochrome to color. In the sense of the title "I shall be unknown to everyone," he also tries to express the fluid with a photographic image, which the musician "radiates" during his playing and radiates into the space around him, this fluid, on the other hand, resonates throughout the event in a spectrum from subdued co-sounds to musical dynamic vortices in sound dialogues with the content of Kosovel's poetry.

Lado Jakša is a versatile artist who creates a synthesis of several artistic genres; he is a musical improviser who enriches photography, films, and projections with sounds. Lado Jakša is one of the legends of Slovenian music and art; connecting sound and visual media in his performances and concerts - there are many definitions of his artistic creativity. The transition from nature to artificial, from analog to digital, from sound to image and vice versa takes place as a natural process. When a person, an artist, a musician intervenes in 'matter.'

After all, music is also the most important thing for him. Also a word. He creates palimpsests of free sounds, 'depicts' them with wind instruments (analog) and keyboards (digital), and interweaves them with the representation of the image he gives us in the landscapes of sound. The image is a companion.

Lado Jakša combined the study of music and art history in a diploma thesis of the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana on the connection between music and fine arts and received the Prešeren Student Award for it. Since then, this creative dialogue has regularly accompanied him in his numerous exhibitions and photomultivizations with simultaneously performed original music. He has presented himself throughout Europe and the United States.


The event will be held following the recommendations of the NIJZ/NIPH.

Production: Association for Contemporary Art X-OP
Co-organization: KID KIBLA, Association for Art and Audio-Visual Production KODA MODRO (Code Blue
Support: Ministry of Culture of RS, Municipality of Maribor.

  • KiBela / MMC KIBLA,
    Ulica kneza Koclja 9, Maribor
  • Janez Klenovšek

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