Literary break-fast:

Feri Lainšček

23. 12. 2020

The literary break-fast is moving online due to the coronavirus situation. You are invited to join us, this time virtually, via ZOOM platform, X-OP Facebook profile or our YouTube chanel, on Wednesday, 23 December at 7 p.m. This time the guest will be the versatile author Feri Lainšček, who will receive Prešeren Award next year. The conversation will be moderated by Tonja Jelen.

Franc Feri Lainšček (5 October 1959, Dolenci, Slovenia), writer, poet, screenwriter, and playwriter, is one of the most prominent, most creative, most successful best-selling Slovenian authors. The list of his works is impressive.

On his website, under »Sanje so večne/Dreams are eternal«, he writes: »Creating for me is not a profession, but a way of life. The books I've written, the films I've been involved in, the music I've co-created, and all the other things that have been produced along the way, and of course it's still emerging, is, in a way, my spiritual biography. Although I am not indifferent to what others think about my creation, I am most excited by the moments when something new is being created.«

Lainšček became famous for his novels, but he also established himself in youth literature, short prose, radio and puppet plays, film scripts, and a lyricist of songs and chansons. He received several awards for his literary work: the Kajuh Award for the novel »Raza«, the Prešeren Fund Award for the novel »Ki je megla prinesla«, the Kresnik Award for the novels »Namesto koga roža cveti/Instead of Whom does the Flower bloom« and »Muriša«, and the Večernica Award for the »Mislica« fairy tale collection. Some novels have already been translated into Hungarian, English, German, Croatian, Czech, Spanish, and Catalan, fairy tales even into Porabian (Slovenian dialect in Hungary) (published in the collection »Med Muro in Rabo/Between Mura and Raba«, published by Franc-Franc publishing house).

This time, the conversation's central part will be devoted to the latest novel, the first in the trilogy, »The Chicken Shepherd/Kurji pastir« (Beletrina, 2020).

You are kindly invited to join us.


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