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The Last Picture

found recently in Berlin-Wedding
meaning in english: EU-Demolishing Services Ltd.


a project in progress by Signe Theill (since 2008)

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MediaScape Biennale Zagreb

30. September – 23. October 2012 received confirmations by the co-curators:

Iva Kovac

Isin Onol

On 1st of November we will start the preparation phase of TACTICAL TOPICS – TOPICAL TACTICS



MediaScape 2008


While the city or the urban area is regarded as the area of development, fast progress, and in addition the absent-minded, superficial and disconcentrated perception, the area of the “landscape” is in contrast the place of peace, collection and leisure. In the countryside outside the city the perception of space and time win other values.The landscape encourages for curving: the view, the hearing, the smell and the thoughts win perspective, which the area of the landscape opens. This leads also to a slowing down and a sensory perception, to a concentration, which is another as those of the city.The area outside of the city or outside of the life sphere of humans generally is not characterized by civilization, but by natural conditions: Apparently ordinary: the brook, the tree, the meadow appear in new light, the murmuring water, the noise of the wind kidnap urban humans into another reality. In the countryside there is still a horizon. Here prevails a liberty of view over the restricted city view. The city has structure, pictogram forests, a silhouette perhaps, but no horizon. In the landscape however the horizon is always there and lures into the distance. The horizon is everywhere, has 360° and more. Novigrad is a town, but circled by an immense countryside and great perspectives of the Adriatic Sea.The connection of this reality with the possibilities of current art work, the bridging between nature and civilization and between technology and art is the starting point of Media-Scape 2008.

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Region of Istria-office for education, culture and sport City of Novigrad
Media Scape Novigrad is part of the collaborative project X-OP: eXchange of art Operators and Producers. Project is partly funded by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Culture Programme

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Kunst und Immobilien – Art and Real Estate

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“wer a sagt, der muß nicht b sagen. er kann auch erkennen, daß a falsch war.” berthold brecht

liebe freunde und kollegen,

wir haben im juli 2011 ein ladengeschäft und eine darüberliegende 3 zimmer wohnung (zusammen ca. 220 qm) im afrikanischen viertel im berliner wedding gekauft, um ein neues galerie/residenz projekt am 16. dezember 2011 zu starten. der kauf ist jetzt glatt über die bühne gegangen und die immobilie gehört jetzt uns und ist lastenfrei.

im zuge unserer recherchen jedoch sind wir auf einige andere interessante objekte zu gestoßen.

um es kurz zu machen: wir suchen investoren, die sowohl an moderater rendite, aber auch an der rettung von bezahlbaren wohn-, arbeits-, und austellungsmöglichkeiten im zentrumsnahen berlin interessiert sind.
wir bekommen da eine ganz illustre gesellschaft zusammen, die in einer gemeinnützigen GmbH mit angeschlossener finanzierungsagentur für kunst zusammengefasst werden soll, mit dem ziel im wedding einen lebendigen kunststandort zu erhalten, bevor die haie alles unter sich aufteilen.

“bankraub: eine initiative von dilettanten. wahre profis gründen eine bank.” oder “was passiert mit dem loch, wenn der käse weg ist?“ berthold brecht


mit bestem ahoi

heiko daxl


“because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.” berthold brecht

dear friends and colleagues,

we have bought in july 2011 a shop plus the 3-room appartment above the shop (approx. 700 square feet) in the “african quarter” in berlin-wedding to start a new gallery/residency project on december 16th 2011.

during our recherche we have found some other interesting objects.

to shorten it up: we are looking for investors, interested as well in moderate return and as well in an action to rescue affordable living-, work- and exhibitionspace in a central part of berlin.
we will gather an illustrous bunch of people, which should form a limited firm including an agency for art financing in order to keep and stimulate a lively art quarter before the sharks have eaten it all.


with best ahoi

heiko daxl

“it is easier to rob by setting up a bank than by holding up a bank clerk.” or “what happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?” berthold brecht