X-OP is a gradually growing network of artists, researchers, operators, producers and cultural institutions with the aim to establish an European platform for the creation of art.
With its places, spaces and its user accustomed technological infrastructure it fosters the mobility of the participants, while strengthening the Inter-European collaboration, common production and interdisciplinary approach to art.

The X-OP partner organizations include:

Kibla (SI) || Kibla is the first presentation and production institution in Slovenia dealing with multimedia and intermedia art and a yearlong cultural programme. We still incorporate pure classical (»excluded«) media but in a different context-we use them to support historical continuity of visual art and a bigger aesthetization and integration of electronic media. We support principles that lead to complex systems of multimedia presentation. We also produce respectively coproduce cultural artistic projects and publish presentation materials.

Taidekoulu MAA (FI)

Media in Motion (DE) Media in Motion (MIM) is based in Berlin and Zagreb and is run by Heiko Daxl aand Ingeborg Fülepp. MIM was organizing a variety of international art and media-events: multimedia art exhibitions, performances, screenings of video art, video and computer installations, workshops, concerts, symposia and lectures. Artists and theoreticians from all over the world were participating with their art works, lectures, performances and workshops; establish electronic communisation systems to have a permanent source of information and exchange. Furthermore, we to publish catalogues, conference proceedings, visual and audio documentations as CD-ROMs, DVDs and Internet sites.

Apartment Project (TR) || Artist-run space in Istanbul – The space was initiated by Selda Asal with the aim of providing artists an oppurtunity for interdisciplinary collaboration and hosting their own exhibitions. Since its opening in 1999, it has been host to various performances, installations, exhibitions, happenings and events. Some of these projects have travelled to other locations, and projects travelled to exhibit at the Apartment Workshops and artist weeks have been organized, incorporating the project space’s studio and other locations.

Egon March Institute (SI)

Instituto Politecnico de Tomar (PT) || With about 4000 students, the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT) has been a landmark among higher education institutions for 25 years.  With 23 bachelor’s and 17 master’s degree courses as well as several post-graduate courses, IPT offers a wide range of training areas and constantly reviewed curricula in order to meet entrepreneurial  needs.

Transforming Freedom (AT) || Transforming Freedom is a radar for digital culture – It scans the electronic airwaves for exemplary voices and documents of recent decades and uses the latest technologies to broadcast its own programs. It examines the background of the major cultural transformations of our time from the perspective of the inventors and originators.


CIANT (CZ) || CIANT is an international platform for research, production and presentation of creative use of information and communication technologies within the arts, often intersecting with various scientific domains. During the last 10 years CIANT has established art/science collaborations with research institutes, universities, art centres as well as individuals across the whole of Europe and beyond. Based in Prague, Czech Republic.


MOKS (EE) || MoKS – Center for Art and Social Practice, is a non-profit artist-run project space in Estonia situated in the rural community of Mooste. We are located 40km southeast of Tartu and 20km west of the Russian border. With its diverse approach and open atmosphere, MoKS holds a unique position within the Estonian and greater European cultural context..



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