“Future Fluxus” – Networking in the Arts // Art working in the Nets

Future Fluxus – Symposium
Invited academics and artists include Fluxus expert Petra Stegmann (de), Raivo Kelomees (ee) as well as several protagonists from the Viennese Fluxus and Actionists´scenes.
The subject will celebrate the “50th anniversary” of Fluxus looking at artistic practises today, how they are transformed, made obsolete or democratized by the rise of collaboration over the internet. Is the Fluxus movement still alive? What criteria should we use to answer that question? What are the distinctive differences to art movements like the Viennese Actionism or French Situationism?What are artistic or political implications of the “12 Ideas of Fluxus” (s.b.)? Should they be adapted in the 21st century? And how? What similarities in methods and goals can be found in online Communities of the Free and Open Source Movements, or digital rights activists like the Electronic Frontier Foundation? 
A special focus will be on Fluxus events and works in Eastern Europe under Soviet rule as well as today´s internet that has been described as developing like a “big spying machine” by some. Fluxus seems to strenghten the human´s / artist´s ability to collaborate, constantly evolve and improve their actual freedom.