Jože Šubic: Nine Stations of Your Taste

Date: 18/03/2011 until 30/03/2011

Location: Gallery KiBela, Maribor – Slovenia

Organisers / Producers:  ACE KIBLA


Having graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana (1984), painter Jože Šubic (Maribor, 1958) entered the Slovenian fine art scene in the era when new image was flourishing. He has been exhibiting continually since 1981 both in solo and group settings, participated at art colonies at home and abroad and received several awards for his works. His techniques include painting, drawing, and graphic art. Since 2000, his creativity in fine art has been expanding ever more from the graphic surface, which was at first marked by figural art, and later increasingly by sensual layers of colour, to space and the material reality. His spatial installations embrace objects from everyday life, organic materials, which are then transfigured into meaning-charged objects that broadly address the spectator by way of their associative power. Wood, iron, plastic, leather, skilfully worked and fused into new poetical wholes, are displayed throughout the space.
The artist has inventively reinstated a dialogue between the specificity of the space and visual elements, the so-called objects-stations of taste: 1. Govori z menoj / Talk to me. 2. Dan in noč bar / Day and Night Bar. 3. Opraševalke / Pollinators. 4. Do neba poslinjen / Slobbered up to the skies. 5. Iztisnjeni popki / Squeezed gemmae. 6. Nabiralec solz / Tears collector. 7. Banquet. 8. Senseless kiss for sale. 9. Brbotajoče orgle / Bubbling organs. In Šubic’s installation, the accurately elaborated objects are unique mediators. They are composed of various materials, the basic construction is of wood, in spots worked with copper, fur and leather, receptacles are made of baked clay and found objects are also added. Each object bears a different message or claim, inviting the visitor at the chapel to embark on a – not only outer visual-aesthetic, but also inner-contemplative – journey.

Kibla photo archive (Photo: Matej Kristovič)