Diana Mureškič: Elementary Circulation

Date: 04/03/2011 until 16/03/2011

Location: Gallery KiBela, Maribor – Slovenia

Organisers / Producers:  ACE KIBLA


The clay items that were hand processed by Diana Mureškič are composed of various types of natural clay. They are marked by a refined shape that abides by the fragility and (non-) durability of the material as well as its natural colour and structured form. Of key importance in the creative process is to get to know the material, the soil, the medium. Touching it with hands and fingers, direct communication with the material that changes and never repeats itself – neither can it be repaired – this is the core of the creative process. It works subconsciously. What worlds are there, emerging to the surface? Phantasmagorical pre-landscapes, figural art and abstractions abounding in details. The clay comes to life in reflections and blurred images, in the eternal movement of repetition and disappearance, and in the awareness of transience. The four basic elements supplement each other, circling in the creative process of the shaping moist clay that needs to be baked on fire. Fire blazes in the air. And then there is water, poured over the baked clay and the flower, to round up the cycle once more… only to make it repeat again.

Kibla photo archive (Photo: Boštjan Lah)